Terms & FAQ

Terms, Conditions & Frequently Asked Questions

You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment methods provided to you at checkout. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us so we can fix the problem. 




All lead times posted on the site are APPROXIMATE and subject to change. We try to maintain an accurate time but due to workload and distributors it may change. 


*"Quick Ship" Items only ship when ordered stand-alone. If ordered with custom item, the "Quick Ship" item will be delayed due to longer lead times.




Once orders are placed there is no cancellation. Please make sure you understand that all holsters are made to order to the specifications of each buyer. With that being said if there are any changes that may need to be done, it is possible as long as the holster production has not started. If you do need to change anything (Gun Model, Color, Sweatguard) please email us ASAP. Once your order has begun there can be no changes made. Holsters MAY NOT BE returned unless there is a DEFECT due to Manufacturing. We are not responsible for any damage to the holster due to shipping or poor handling of USPS or loss of your package but we will do our best to facilitate amicable resolution. Returns are at the sole discretion of Standard Co USA and will be handled on a case by case basis. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Holsters do come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY regarding function. If your holster is scratched, scuffed, or suffers minor damage during use and/or training it will NOT be replaced under warranty. Lifetime warranty is for the life of the holster and not the original owner. Warranty holsters must be returned at the buyers expense only after contacting us at Info@Standardcousa.com. Warranty holsters will either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Standard Co USA. If the holster is replaced it will be for an identical holster of the same model and color. If the holster model has been changed from the model warrantied it will be replaced with the most current version.



• What is the status of my order?

-We have two statuses: "Unfulfilled" and "Shipped" - Please refrain from sending us an email inquiring about the status of your order if it is still within the lead time period. We understand wanting to know an update but taking time away from building the holsters to answer emails only delays the process more.


• Do you do rush orders?

-No we do not. Orders are handled on a first come first serve basis. We want to make things fair across the board so we do not accept additional payment for rush orders.


• Do you guys make holsters for "this" particular firearm or weapon light setup?

-If it isn't on our website we do not currently offer it.


• I am local can I just come by and pickup my order?

-Yes. We do currently schedule times to have holsters picked up when they are complete. To pick up locally please contact us via email to inform us and you will be contacted when your order is complete.


• I want a different style clip or the design tweaked on my order.

-If it isn't on our website we do not offer it.

-All of our clips come with our logo engraved on it. We do not offer blank clips but will gladly help you source a set if needed.


• The "Click" Sound & "Holster Fitment"

-The "click" sound that most people think of when purchasing a Kydex holster comes from the pocket created by the trigger guard area. When purchasing a holster with a weapon light attached the pocket no longer exists due to the channel created for the light. Some lights will still make that "click" sound however. All of our holsters come with multiple points of adjustable retention to retain the weapon via friction. The "click" sound is not something that is done with all of our holsters.


• Will my holster still retain my gun if I take the weapon light off?

-If you purchase a holster from us made for a firearm with a light attached, the light needs to be attached in order for it to retain the weapon. Some customers have reported that their holster still retains the weapon without the light, however we do not recommend this as our holsters are not designed to do this.


• Do I receive shipping and tracking confirmation when my order ships?

-Once your order ships an email is sent to your email address on file with a shipping notification

and tracking number.