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UPGRADED GLOCK TRIGGER SHOE ONLY with an included roll pin punch to easily tap in the one preinstalled pin. 

Compatible with ALL GLOCKS Gen 3/4/5. Includes G42/43/43x/48. 

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Our Glock trigger was designed for a better reset, and feel. We have designed our Glock trigger to give you the best trigger pull possible with a stock trigger bar. Our flat faced design ensures a consistent feel, while our wide chamfers prevent any uncomfortable “digging” into your finger. Regardless of your finger placement you will enjoy this trigger.



Machined out of 7075 aluminum and coated in Type III Hard Anodize. Our trigger does not feature any gimmicks like adjustability or wacky safeties. First and foremost, a trigger needs to work every time. So we have minimized the number of components and eliminated any fasteners that can “walk” their way out. No more checking for loose screws.