M Series

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Innovation: The “M Series” is a unique design incorporating multiple design elements into one cohesive holster. Designed by Shooters & Engineers specifically for the Concealed Carry market.




Built right into the Kydex is a custom Claw/Wing designed to apply pressure to your belt to keep the butt of your gun from printing. It features dimples for added grip to keep your holster in its place during a full range of motion. Additionally, the beginning of the Claw/Wing is ramped to make it easy to slide into your pants.



The “M Series” features 7 different ride heights and up to 40 degrees of cant. Combined with 2 adjustable points of retention, you have the flexibility to tailor your draw, and carry position.



With an open ended design, the “M Series” allows you to run just about any aftermarket barrel or compensator. All “M Series” holsters are cut to fit Pistol Mounted Optics, giving you even more options.



No one wants to add extra bulk and weight to their rig. The “M Series” is specifically designed to give you the flexibility you need while maintaining a slim profile. No more bulky attachments or endless amounts of screws to maintain and carry. With the "M Series” you get all the holster you need, and nothing more.



100% Precision Made in the USA from high quality materials on a CNC machine. Features .080" Kydex making this holster not only durable but reliable for years to come. We also include a lifetime guarantee on all products we produce.