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You've arrived to our site because you're on the hunt for the best concealed or open carry holster you can buy on the market today. Discerning visitors are looking for a holster that not only looks good but works reliably every time you draw your weapon. We carry a range of holsters from our Quick Ship X300 line, that's retained by your X300 light.

Surefire X300 Concealed Carry CCW Holster


We definitely didn't stop with making a light retained holster. We know that our market requires options to satisfy our concealed carry holster customer's needs and we found that using a Navy SEAL meta material would give us the best concealed carry appendix holster on the market in the Atlas.

Appendix Carry Holster for Concealed Carry


With all these inside the waistband holsters, the range of holsters wouldn't be complete without something for open carry or outside the waistband carry. Whether you need a duty carry holster with maximum retention per departmental standards and guidelines or for your own peace of mind, check out the Hayden, our flagship holster for open carry

Best open carry holster outside the waistband lifetime warranty


Some of our holsters have a longer lead time than others but we do have our Quick Ship line ready to go in 7-10 days. We firmly believe you can't rush quality when it comes to a holster you're going to depend your life on. Nothing is better than peace of mind for your appendix carry holster, concealed carry holster or open carry holster. Check us out on Instagram or our Contact Us page.